• Django Signals and Deferred Fields

    Last week I discovered that django signals and deferred fields don't play well together, but there's a solution.

  • A little levity

    No blog post this week. Only puppies.

  • Why I'm currently reading four books at once.

    If I'm being totally honest, the answer to this question would be pretty short: My self-control and focus are not what they used to be.

    But that doesn't make for a particularly interesting blog.

    The four books I'm reading I've categorized (i.e. justified) in the following way: "work related learning", "non-work related learning", "emotional growth", and "recovery from the other books".

  • New York: The greatest city in the world... for some people.

    So, I only lasted a year in New York. I remember my uncle telling me that he only made it a year in New York and was begging his job to let him leave by the end of it. I remember pridefully laughing at how silly this was: New York will be great! He just couldn't handle it. I can.

    Little did I know.

  • if exit new_york: return dc;

    'Brief' recap of my extended transition from NYC to DC.

  • Good technology in the hands of terrible people

    I, like many people, prefer to assume that people are inherently good, and we build apps with (I would hope) the best of intentions. However, this doesn't mean we can ignore the hidden costs of our technology. No matter how benign we may believe the app to be, we have to ask: if I were a terrible person, how would I use this for evil?

  • Reflections on Outreachy

    I don't know that I would have had the confidence to pursue coding as a career without the opportunity that Outreachy provided. I kept expecting someone to stop me once they discovered I was sort of winging it. But that was the point. This was an opportunity to learn how these projects work in a supportive and educational environment.

  • Rails, Turbolinks, and Event Listeners

    A few weeks ago, I was happily puttering along making my accordion menu for the new Field Papers UI, when Ian pointed out that it sporadically wasn't working. This was a less than ideal situation, so after gathering evidence I discovered the culprit Turbolinks.

  • Handling remote work - pair programming with Cloud9

    As my Outreachy internship moves along, and I'm learning just how much I love remote work. I was initially worried about remote work because I love pairing with people, but Cloud9 provides a creative solution to that problem.

  • First Major PR for Outreachy

    It's done! Well, sort of. This week I submitted my first major pull request for all of the work I've been doing on Field Paper's UI. After two months of drawing up mocks, working through experiments, and putting together a working product, Ian and I finished putting all the pieces into something that's actually functional. Is it any good? We'll see, but at least it works!

  • Admitting you don't know

    Saying "I don't know what that is" has become one of my favorite phrases. It's not admitting defeat, it's not revealing the fact that I secretly know nothing (buzz off imposter syndrome) - it's an opportunity. They get to feel good about explaining something, and I get to learn something new. It's a win-win situation.

  • Outreachy and the messy reality of UI

    There's nothing quite like that sinking, humbling feeling of reality setting in. It turns out creating the perfect UI for Field Papers is a complicated, messy ordeal. It's a nice reminder that I am, in fact, still learning.

  • New Years Cliché

    Oh New Years. A time for delusional fantasies and misplaced hopes. At least it provides motivation for me to finally get a gym membership.

  • Research, Rethink, and Redesign

    It's week three of my internship with Cadasta, and I have been working on a complete redesign of the UI for Field Papers. This is a complete breakdown of my research and wireframing phase.

  • Hello Outreachy

    It's been two months since I applied, one month since I found out I got accepted, and four days since the beginning of the Outreachy internship, and yet somehow, somehow I'm still in denial about the fact that it's actually happening. But it is!

  • Reflections on Recurse Center

    If you had told me a year ago that I would quit my job, move to New York and attend a completely self-directed three month "writers retreat" for programmers, I would have laughed nervously and not made eye contact. Yet here I am, makin' eye contact like a pro, and full of advice for future Recursers.

  • Why participating in open source is important for new coders

    Getting into coding is scary, and encouragement is an absolute necessity. Because the open source community benefits so much from helping each other and from helping new people getting involved, they are endlessly nurturing, and this is invaluable for anyone learning to code.

  • Getting virtualenvwrapper to stick around

    virtualenvwrapper is great in that it allows for more memorable, human-readable commands. Unfortunately, the last tutorial I followed for installing it left out one important detail: how to make it stick around so it's available every time you open your terminal.

  • Getting Set Up

    So if you’re wondering why this page is a mess, it’s because I spent most of today trying to manipulate an existing Jekyll theme (to little success as you can see). So I’ve decided to blow things up and start over.